Comfort Zone

I am a foodie. I love trying new stuff and find cooking the best way to end my day. While dining at Peter Cat in Park Street, ‘Chicken Maryland’ caught my eye. I checked with the waiter and was told that “You will not like it”.  I assumed he was making a judgment on my tastes and decided to order the dish. It was the worst ordered meal I have ever had!

I am surrounded by foodies as well. Trips together have been laced with discussions on what to eat – what to eat next – and so and so forth. Sight-seeing is tucked in between meals.

I love to cook as well. Well I have been warned not to cook mutton – the two times that I tried making a Parsi style Kid Gosht and a Shepherd’s Pie it didn’t go down too well with Mahesh! Am planning to make Avial today. If you want to take a journey with me to my comfort zone – here you go

I’ve been given to understand that “few” people depend on my recommendations of restaurants and dishes to order 🙂 Eating out in Delhi is very expensive.  In any case here’s my list

The Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Pocket (Thanks to Juieen for introducing this dish to me) at Not Just Paranthas in GK2, M-Block Market are excellent. It’s a crime to dine at Punjabi by nature where you will shell out at for at least three times the amount and have limited options. Of course, for those who drink – you will have to be satisfied with a Lassi, Iced tea or Chuski 🙂  The Butter Chicken at Swagath in Defence Colony Market is also good but NJP is better. Have spent significant dinners in the company of Juieen, Ippu, Praachi and Devika at both these restaurants. Each time, we have sworn that we shall never return for we are tired of the food. But then, we return to pledge again.

The Warm Chicken Salad, Lamb Chops and Apple Pie at Angels in My Kitchen in Defence Colony Market are yum. Sophie introduced me to this place. Had a wonderful brunch with Juieen, Dipankar, Sushmita, Devika and Mahesh.

Chilli Seasson in Lodhi Market has affordable and tasty Thai food. I love the tempuras, soups and chicken with basil. Thai Wok is supposedly the most romantic restaurant in Delhi. I agree 🙂 It’s an open-air thingy with the Qutb Minar for a view. Its a little expensive and is a nice place to go to on ocassions with your large-hearted special friend.

Mainland China is the best for Chinese food in Delhi. The Crabmeat soup, claypot rice with chicken and vegetables, Tsing Hoi Chicken, Crispy Fried Lamb and Darsaan are superb. Again this is the place to go to with an indulging friend (Juieen) and family.

While I cannot imagine a meal without meat – I love the thali at Naivedyam in Hauz Khas Village. Simple and well-cooked South-India dishes. Their sambhar and rasam are the best I have ever had so far.




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5 responses to “Comfort Zone

  1. oy, my dad makes amazing /chicken maryland/ and my mum is the champ at /shepherd’s pie/ so we should get those recipes for that fussy “swami” of yours …

    am still thinking of the places for you to sample the meats of chennai. 😛

  2. Don’t know if you’ve seen this already but if not Yu might be interested in this website.
    It’s got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along
    Good if you like to try cooking Thai food at home

  3. Meera

    Ok, so its now time to check out the restaurants in Bbay…when u coming???

  4. Meera

    Update! Update!

  5. G Maheswaran

    WHy don’t u update your blog..???

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