Should we have regrets? Should we express them? I’ve heard so many people say that they have no regrets in life. I’ve definitely learnt from my mistakes. But, there are regrets as well. I am not yet brave enough to put them down.



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4 responses to “Regrets

  1. Friend

    It is brave to admit on a blog that you do have regrets. You run the risk of people trying to guess what they are.

  2. jaanaki

    yes, i have a lot of regrets too…i guess everyone does, because everyone makes mistakes. the point is, are we blaming our mistakes on others or taking responsibility of our blunders?

  3. roshan

    okay, regrets, you and your friends have them.

    that’s because you haven’t met my good friend, ze Old Monk, … aye, once you’re friends with zOM, you won’t have any regrets … slight memory loss, maybe, or like today, you’ll be squinting at your computer trying to make sense of things, but no regrets.

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