The Best and Worst we saw this year

Believe it or not, Mahesh and I had decided that we would watch only two movies a month. Friends who know us well will probably laugh their heads off. We did try to restrict ourselves to two for at least 2 months πŸ™‚

In 2010, we saw at least one movie every weekend. Sometimes, we even watched two or three a week. So here is my list of the best and the worst.

Worst 5

1. The American – Mahesh was feeling particularly low one Friday evening. He was mulling over how much he was going to miss Bangalore. To cheer him up we headed to Forum to catch a film, any film. Our options were limited. It was between Eat Pray Love and The American. Mahesh flatly refused to see a film he thought was pure chick flick. The moment he saw that the American had George Clooney he decided to watch that. We also roped in another friend who was having an equally bad day and wanted to relax. The American had a rating of 6.6 on IMDB.Β  We settled in our seats and eagerly awaited Geroge Clooney’s “best performance to date” (

The movie was exceedingly slow and lost on us. It was predictable and boring.Β  The only moment of excitement came when some people in the hall clapped in frustration after the end credits rolled. It was super duper pakao!

2. Action Repplay

Our movie watching gang in Bangalore (Janaki, Omkar, and Arnie) was eagerly waiting for Action Repplay. Tickets were booked well in advance and on the unfortunate day we drove to Forum Value Mall, Whitefield to witness this horror of a film. Mahesh snored through the film and had to try real hard to keep himself awake during the sings to admire Aishwarya in all her glory!

3. Jhootha Hi Sahi

We watched this a day after The American. This was the perfect way to ruin our weekend! Abbas Tyrewalla’s first offering had raised our expectations. Unfortunately, wifey wrote the script of this film and also acted in it. Not a very pleasant viewing.

4. Tees Maar Khan

A trend is palpable. Husband-wife combos do not seem to be working. Farah Khan who is otherwise very funny and makes good films lost her touch in TMK. Looks like she suspended her funny bone and handed the rein over to her husband. Again, extremely boring and this time I was snoring!

5. Lafangey Parindey

Mahesh and Arnie wanted to watch Deepika. This was plain torture. Can’t believe that I even agreed to watch it.

Top 5

1. Phas Gaya Re Obama – Amazing stress buster!

2. Robot

Super duper entertainment. Watched it in Tamil with another bunch of friends who did not understand Tamil. Mahesh had to translate very little as action was louder than words. Rajnikanth has universal appeal πŸ™‚

3. Peepli Live – Well made film that left us sad at the end.

4. Do Dooni Chaar – We loved this film!

5. Udaan







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4 responses to “The Best and Worst we saw this year

  1. Jaanaki

    Another good movie was ishquiya. And another craptastic one was rann!

  2. swagataraha

    Agreed! Can’t believe that I also forgot to list Dabangg!

  3. Manidipa

    Saved….havnt seen any of the worst! the best is now on my list of ‘must see’. Dont 4get to rate d movies u dwnld as well.

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