Date Cake

I had a kitchen disaster of sorts the first time I baked this date cake. My mixy stopped working when I put the dates, milk and sugar in for blitzing. I had to resort to the hand blender to finish the job. My mother took care of the mixy and had it fixed the same day 🙂

Anyway, so I made this again for my father’s birthday. I followed Bong Mom’s recipe

What is the highlight of this cake is that it needs no eggs or butter and can also be made with atta instead of maida. The ingredients and process can be viewed here.

Instead of using the Convection Mode of my micro I put it on full power for 7 minutes. This is something I picked from Suparna who makes most of her cakes in the micro this way. Much faster 🙂

Date Cake

Birthday Cake



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2 responses to “Date Cake

  1. G Maheswaran

    looks like a large muffin 😉

  2. Leena

    Your recipe and the pictures look tempting….. just waiting to try them….

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