Mahesh loves paniyarams. As a kid he used to have close to 25 of them in one go and then drink milk of magnesia to tide over the night.  There are two common variations –   Mahesh likes the sweet one while I prefer the savoury version. We made 28 this morning for breakfast and I ate 8. The rest have been devoured by Mahesh who claims he ate only 10! I have to keep milk of magnesia ready tonight!

Ingredients for the Batter

200 gms raw rice

200 gms boiled rice/idly rice

25 gms methi

25 gms urad dal

This batter will yield close to 50 paniyarams.

Soak the raw rice and boiled rice together and the methi and urad dal separately for at least 4-5 hours.  Gring the urad dal and methi first and then the rice next and then combine and keep overnight or for at least 8 hours. I separated the batter into two equal parts to make sweet and savoury paniyarams.

Sweet Batter

For the sweet batter, I  added about 1 cup of melted jaggery along with crushed cardamom to the batter.

Sweet Batter

We have a non-stick paniyaram kadhai. As a result we managed to make the paniyarams with a lot less oil than is usually required.  Add a drop or two of oil and then the batter. Let it cook for 2 minutes and then turn using a wooden skewer or stick that usually comes with the kadhai. It should be cooked on a low flame. Poke with the wooden stick to check if it is done. Eat it while it is hot.

Cooking the Sweet Paniyarams

Sweet Paniyarams

Savoury Paniyarams

For the savoury paniyarams, I added grated carrots, grated ginger, chillis, curry leaves, coriander leaves, salt, and hing.

Savoury Batter

Follow the same procedure as above for making the paniyarams

Cooking the savoury paniyarams

We ate the savoury paniyarams with garlic podi (we bought the powder from the Sri Krishna store in Chennai Airport) and peanut chutney (made by adding water and coconut to the peanut chutney powder).

Sweet & Savoury Paniyarams with garlic podi and peanut chutney



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4 responses to “Paniyaram

  1. Geeta

    Hey this is Paddu in Bangalore and looks very delicious and spongy! ate just last week but our variety we add 3 parts of Rice and one Urad dal … but surely try your ratios of rice and the other ingredients

  2. We make Kuzhi Appam similarly. I use it especially to get rid of left over idli-dosa batter. You can add a handful of Sabudana to the left over batter along wth chopped onion, green chillies, ginger and coridnader leaves. Leave for about 1 hour till the sabudana is spongy/ soft. That’s it!. I dont have a sweet version though!

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