It’s raining fish!

We suddenly decided to take a holiday in Kerala and managed to organise tickets and bookings within a week. Off we went to Kumarakom and Kochi. I was looking forward to the rains and good food. We had to have Karimeen Polichattu (Pearl Spot) in Kumarakom and so that’s what ordered for first meal.

Karimeen Polichattu

The Karimeen was small in size as it was off season. It was super yum though. We had also ordered a chicken biryani and malabar chicken curry. The tasteless Biryani was too full of garam masalas. I removed close to 8 cloves and 4 cinnamon sticks from my plate. The Chicken Curry was passable. It had lots of dry fruits and fried coconut. We concluded that we would have to find another place to lunch at the next day.

Malabar Chicken Curry

The dinner buffet at the resort was very disappointing. They had rubbery paneer, channa, bhindi and a host of other north Indian dishes. Oh, they had ginger chicken and friedrice too. Quite a dampener.
Mahesh promised me a fancy lunch at Taj Vivanta next door. I was excited. We decided to head there for lunch after our boat ride in the morning. 5 minutes before the ride was to end, we saw this sign from our boat:

Our Discovery!

The decision was made! We were going to lunch here. We got out and headed to this place. There was a sweet lady who did not speak a word of English/Hindi/Tamil. We somehow managed to understand that the place offered only thalis, karimeen was on the menu, and that lunch would be served at 12 noon. Mahesh insisted that we lunch at Vivanta and have our dinner here. I felt otherwise. We did go to Vivanta to “check out” the menu and ordered a starter – deep fried mourala maach which was served with cold as cold can be tamarind rice and a tangy mango based sauce. The serving was not too big and did not kill our appetite  The meal took forever to come though. We then happily walked towards Samrudhi Ethnic Food Restaurant for a hearty meal.

The Thali

The thali came with Rice, Sambhar, Beans Poriyal, Yam Curry, and a small serving of fish curry. We ordered a Karimeen Fry and Mussels Fry as well. The two thalis and the fish all came for only Rs 200. This was one of the tastiest meals we’ve had in Kerala.

Mussels Fry

Karimeen Fry

On reaching Kochi, we walked for about 2.3. kms up to the harbor to locate a shack that serves awesome seafood as suggested by my cousin. We were quite hungry and on not being able to find the shack moved on to the second place on our list – The Teapot Café. I was super duper hungry. We placed an order for Prawn Korma and Fish Moilee and then waited and waited. I ordered for a Death by Chocolate and gulped it down before I’d die of hunger. The DBC was a simple enough home made chocolate cake with icing. Nothing fatal.

DBC - not really

Then came the food. It was well worth the wait. The Moilee and Prawn Korma were well prepared and we were very satisfied with our meal.

Fish Moilee @ Teapot Cafe

Prawn Korma @ Teapot Cafe

We were staying at Beena’s Homestay in Fort Kochi where dinner was an extravagant affair of five kinds of vegetarian preparations – beans poriyal, beetroot with curd and coconut, baingan, cabbage poriyal, and coccinia fry. There was a pineapple pulasherry, fish fry and fish curry as well. Again a very very satisfying meal.

We lunched with our friends at the restaurant in Brunton Boatyard. While their menu is limited and caters to the western, the food served was very tasty. We had squid moilee (this was not on the menu but they offered to make it on our request) with idiappams, prawns with raw mango with raw mango served with idiappams made with red rice, and red fish curry.

Squid Moilee with Idiappams
Prawns with Raw mango
Red Fish Curry with Rice

All in all, a very fulfilling trip!


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