Gujarati Thalis @ Ahmedabad

I was in Ahmedabad for work this week. On my agenda was a good Gujarati Thali. I met a friend’s sister for dinner and she treated me to an absolutely awesome thali at Agashiye. Incidentally, my friend Megha who is from Ahmedabad had recommended this place to me when I asked her about restaurants I should visit. I was super thrilled that I ended up going to Agashiye. As per their website, the word means “on the terrace”. The setting is beautiful. Although, I was told that it looked better before when the terrace was actually open. The roof is draped with sarees and bangles adorned the tubelights. Interesting colour effects.

Now on to the food. As soon as we settled in, we were served a sweet mango panna like drink and chaanch. While the panna was a little too sweet, the chaanch was just right. Then came along the farsaan – soft white dhoklas and crunchy vadas with corn and raddish (I think). These were served with the tamarind and green chutneys. Simply divine.

They also served a salad with peanuts and channa and lots of pickles and accompaniments. We were also served a dahi papdi chaat which was passable.
From left to right: Green Chilli Pickle, Mango Pickle, Lehsun Chutney, Mango Chunda, Lemon wedges, Salt and White butter in the centre
The Mango Chunda and garlic chutney were fabulous. Then came the food. The spread was huge – bhindi sabji, batata, mixed veg, black channa, kadhi, and gujarati dal. This was served along with paranthas and bhakri. [Megha, I had an additional Bhakri for your sake :)] The paranthas were supposed to be lathered with white butter. I chose to skip this.  I also managed to have a spoonful of rice and khichdi above all this. For desserts, they served a moong dal halwa (which I skipped again), Anjeer basoondi, and Chikoo ice-cream. The ice-cream had a kulfi-ish feel to it and was very good.

The spread

 We were super stuffed after this hearty meal. It was definitely the best Gujarati thali I’ve had so far in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. The next day we managed to finish our meetings by 2pm and had some time before our flight. We had limited options in Gandhinagar. We first checked out Haveli which had been suggested by Megha. Unfortunately, they served “authentic” Chinese, Punjabi and Italian food. Not what we were looking for. We then went to Swagat, a small restaurant that served only Gujarati Thalis. Since the restaurant was approaching closing time, we were served rather quickly. We being demanding customers insisted that we be served every single item including chutneys and chaanch. The farsaans were white dhokla and stuffed chilli pakora. There was bhindi, alu sabji, chawli beans, gujarati dal, kadhi, mixed veg, halwa, rotis, puris, and rice.  We were so hungry that we kept asking for more refills. We were the last people eating before the restaurant shut service. We were very happy to have ended our trip in Gujarat on a full stomach.  

Thali at Swagat in Gandhinagar

I also shopped like crazy for khakra, chikki, sev, and gathias from Induben Khakrawala. I am glad I could pack in so much in two days.

Goodies from Gujarat



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2 responses to “Gujarati Thalis @ Ahmedabad

  1. Mouthwatering pictures 🙂
    Swagat’s unlimited thali priced at Rs. 100 was great value for money too!

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