Birthday Bash

It was the husband’s 30th birthday. A nice big meal was in order. With the help of my friends, I managed to put up balloons and Happy Birthday on the mirror. The husband’s child like glee on seeing this when he came home felt nice. Did not realise that a simple decoration such as this could bring so much joy. I guess everyone likes to feel special, especially on their birthday.

I don’t know how to blow balloons. Instructions from Shobha on how to blow did not help. It was thanks to Mohit that six balloons went up!

Yay! Balloons

The husband does not like chocolate. Unbelievable, right? I made him a Cinnamon Crumble Cake.

Birthday Cake


The layer inside

I made a quick chicken starter using the same recipe that I had posted earlier – Fish in a Sweet Chilli Sauce. I used boneless pieces of chicken thigh instead of chicken breast. The chicken was soft and juicy and was gone in no time.

Chicken in sweet chilli sauce

 The spread included alu phulkopir dalna, chicken curry (bengali style – with potatoes), dhania chicken, fish curry tamil style, and a mild bhetki paturi made in the microwawe (recipe from Manidipa). My mother made payesh, which is an absolute must for all birthday celebrations. She also made the alu phulkopir dalna which is my favourite among bengali vegetarian preparations. All the pics below were clicked by Shobha while I was warming the food.

Alu Phulkopir Dalna


Chicken Curry


Dhania Chicken


Steamed Bhetki Paturi


Raita with peanuts



Amma's fish curry



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6 responses to “Birthday Bash

  1. Everything looks yummy. 🙂

  2. Shobha

    🙂 so much fun we had….. but why is the cake cutting photo not here??

  3. Hey, what fun! Please convey belated birthday wishes to the birthday boy!
    BTW, I did try Thulp finally on your recommendation. Enjoyed it, will go there again and again until I have exhausted eating everything from their menu.

  4. swagataraha

    Yipee! Another Thulp loyalist…welcome to the fan club!

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