Under the Mango Tree

I was in Bangalore last week on work. This was my second trip in less than a month. I am not complaining. I always look forward to my trips to Bangalore as I have lots of people to meet and loads of places to eat at. This time, I ate at two restaurants I had never been to before and enjoyed my meal at both places. As Mahesh and I had just completed the GM diet, we wanted to eat healthy. On my first night in Bangalore, I browsed through Zomato and then zoomed in on Under the Mango Tree (UTMT) in Richmond Town which was walking distance from where we were staying. His colleagues and I set out on foot, got lost and finally found our way to UTMT. It is a nice little place exactly under a mango tree. The service was warm. We liked the food so much that we returned here for dinner on my last night in Bangalore. The menu is small and interesting. It has a mix of Italian, Continental, and Oriental dishes.

We started with a Tomato Basil soup which had very little basil in it. On our second visit we had the Mushroom and Leek Soup which was a lot better.

Tomato Basil soup

For starters, we had the Bacon Wrapped chicken. This was passable. The Chicken was way too sweet and the bacon did little to lift the dish. The flavours were quite off. On our second visit we had crispy babycorn in a BBQ sauce. This was too sweet for my liking.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

I had the Verdu Cotta Mista which was a salad with grilled mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus, chicken, and lettuce in a balsamic vinegar dressing. I loved this except the fact that the asparagus had not been prepared well. It was very fibrous.

Verdu Cotta Mista

Mahesh had the Pan tossed fish in olive oil with sundried tomatoes and olives. This was clearly the highlight of our evening. The fish was mild yet full of flavor. We loved this dish. On our second visit, I had this and Mahesh had the Verdu Cotta Mista.

Pan Tossed Fish

 There were two other dishes on the table -an apple and walnut salad with lettuce in a red wine dressing and a Chicken roulade. Though I did not taste either, our friends said that they were very good.

Chicken roulade


Apple Walnut Salad


UTMT has become a favourite in no time. This will definitely be on my list when I return to Bangalore again. I would definitely like to try the Burmese Khao Suey on my next visit here.



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3 responses to “Under the Mango Tree

  1. Excellent post. I love how you have taken the beautiful shots. Mouth watering. 😛

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  2. Nice post. And looks like you’re getting famous! 😀

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