Toscano, Bangalore

I wonder how I never managed to eat at Toscano during the three years that I lived in Bangalore. Anyway, better late than never! I owe a huge thank you to Meera, my school friend, who works at UB City, and suggested that we meet at Toscano for lunch. I must admit, I was not entirely enthusiastic about heading to Toscano as I recalled a review that warned of the measly serving size and steep prices. An inner voice told me to rein in the food dominator in me and go along.

Toscano offers three options during lunch on weekdays. You can pick two courses for Rs 395 (without taxes) or three courses for Rs 440 (without taxes) or pick anything you want. The three of us decided to go with the option of two courses. For our first course, we all opted for a salad. I picked Toscano Ceasar Salad which was a crisp romaine lettuce with garlic croutons, parmesan and extra virgin olive oil with pesto grilled chicken.

Ceasar Salad

Mahesh had the Smoked Salmon and baked potato salad with onions, capers and mixed greens.

Smoked Salmon and baked potato salad

Meera had Salad Caprese which came with Roma tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, dressed with home made basil pesto and toasted walnut.

Salad Caprese

In case you are wondering if I have an excellent memory or took the trouble to jot these detailed descriptions down, relax! I just checked the menu on Zomato to get the dishes right. All three salads were very good and were finished in no time. We appreciated the “plating” of the dishes and noticed that Masterchef Australia had truly added to our erstwhile limited food vocabulary. Uh oh! Unfortunately, the menu on Zomato is outdated. Had to check Toscano’s website for the exact dishes we had. Should have done it earlier.

I had the grilled Vietnamese basa with grilled vegetables, asparagus and warm lemon butter sauce.

Grilled Vietnamese Basa

Mahesh had Grilled lamb chops with basil crust served with creamy polenta, haricotverts, red pepper puree and au jus.

Lamb Chops

Meera had the Tagliatelle con verdure – mixed oven cooked vegetables, tomato cream and cheese.

Tagliatelle con verdure

All three dishes were very good. The lamb was tender, the fish moist, and the cream sauce lacing the pasta was just right.

With a very slight nudge from Meera, we decided to convert our plan to three courses and order for two desserts. Mahesh had the Warm apple crumble with cinnamon and raisins served with vanilla bean ice cream and Meera and I went for the Chocolate kahlua mousse in Almond tuile and vanilla bean crème anglaise.

Warm Apple Crumble


Chocolate Kahlua Mousse

When these beauties arrived, we collectively gasped at how wonderful they looked. A thing of beauty is indeed joy forever. I will come back to Toscano just to have the desserts!

Chocolate mousse


another view of the Apple Crumble



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  1. Sweta

    The pictures are just too good.

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