Breakfast @ Egg Factory, Bangalore

Am back in Bangalore after several months. This is a long trip (18 days to be precise) and makes up for the long gap. I started my first morning in the city with breakfast at Egg Factory on St Marks Road. Again, I wonder why I never ever ventured to this place while I was living in Bangalore. It probably has to do with the fact that we used to live in Koramangala and were pretty content with the restaurants out there.

Anyway Egg Factory was not part of the original plan for breakfast on Sunday morning. It started out with being MTR @ Forum Value Mall, then MTR @ St. Marks Road, and then suddenly became Egg Factory at the insistence of our friend Omkar and Jaanaki. In fact, we learnt of the plan a tad too late. The husband and I had already grabbed some breakfast at the hotel out of sheer consideration for our stomach time and the fear that the ride to Forum Value Mall at Whitefield would take too long. Our loss entirely.

By the time we reached Egg Factory it was absolutely full. Jaanaki and I were excited enough when we spotted a table for two and insisted on dragging two empty chairs from other tables. The husbands gave us extremely dirty looks and asked us to be civilised. This is what we saw while we eagerly waited for a table – eggy bulbs. MTR 1924 is bang opposite The Egg Factory.

Eggy bulbs

We were seated at a lovely table in front of a huge window which was wide open. We glanced through the menu and were impressed with the huge variety of dishes with egg as the core ingredient. The also offered two extreme options a healthy one of egg whites only and an unhealthy one of an extra egg!
We ordered a Spinach Cheese and Chilli Omlette, Ultimate Veggies Omlette (Sauteed Green Peppers + Mushrooms + Onions + Diced Tomatoes + Cheddar), French Toast stuffed with Cream Cheese and Blueberry Preserve, and Kutthu paratha. The pièce de résistance of our meal was undoubtedly the kutthu paratha which was ordered by the husband. He claimed that this is a street special in Madurai that is served with a kurma and is usually eaten for lunch or dinner. The kutthu paratha is basically a layered paratha that is chopped into bits and combined with a spicy egg bhurji. The omlettes and french toast were also good but this was the star.
We will definitely be back! Later in the day when Jaanaki and I traded all the pics we clicked, she observed that of all the pics only 2 had people in them and at least 20 were only of food. We are foodies (“Bhukkads” as per Jaanaki) after all.

Kutthu Paratha


Spinach Chilli and Cheese Omlette


Ultimate Veggies Omlette


French Toast Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Blueberry Preserve



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4 responses to “Breakfast @ Egg Factory, Bangalore

  1. hahaha! how well you place us! truly bhukkads! khane ke alava kuch dimaag me aata hi nahi hai 🙂

  2. Thanks for the good words you have for us…we would love to have you back with us …and we assure you we are as much “bhukkads”as you folks are..
    The Team@ the egg factory

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