MTR’s Sambhar, Saravana Bhavan’s Chutneys, and CTR’s benne masala

I’ve also felt that there is a dearth ofdarshinis or small joints that serve good South Indian food at reasonable prices in New Delhi. Mahesh and I often wonder why there are such few breakfast options in South Delhi. Even a place that dishes out good North Indian fare such as poha, paratha, alu puri are not easy to come by. Is it because of real estate prices in the city that does not make it viable to run such joints?

Whenever we are in Bangalore or Chennai we try and get our dose of South Indian meals, especially breakfast. Believe me, even a simple dosa can taste very different depending on where you are. Last month while I was in Bangalore, I ate at MTR 1924 on St.Marks Road. Among four of us, we ordered a plate of vadas, rawa dosa, masala dosa, butter dosa, and onion dosa.

I found the vada quite greasy. But, the sambhar was really good.

I loved the rawa dosa I had ordered. It was super thin, crisp, and unlike any other rawa dosa I’ve ever had. It was served with coconut chutney and korma.


Rawa Dosa


The butter dosa served at MTR is very different from the Benne Masala served at CTR. While the CTR version is crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy inside, the MTR butter dosa is uniformly crisp. My preference in this case is the sinful benne masal at CTR.

Butter Dosa

The masala dosa at MTR was pretty standard. I would rate the masala dosa at the Banaglore Airport higher compared to the one at MTR.

Masala Dosa

The onion dosa was good.

Onion Dosa

I had breakfast at Saravana Bhawan at Pondy Bazaar in Chenna this week. I was visiting this institution in Chennai after years since I left the city. Between three of us, we had a ghee roast masala dosa, pongal-vada, ghee roast plain dosa, appam with coconut milk, and idiappam with korma.

Pongal Vada

The pongal was laden with ghee and was quite rich.

More than the dosa, I love the chutneys that came along. The coriander chutney and tomato chutney were superlative.

Ghee Roast Masala Dosa

The appam had crisped up on the sides and was really soft in the middle. It was served with coconut milk that had been flavoured with cardamom. We found it too sweet for our liking.

Appam with coconut milk

The idiappams were delicate and went very well with the korma.

Idiappams with Korma

As you can see from the title of the post, I love the sambhar at MTR, chutneys at Saravanna Bhawan, and the dosas at CTR. Wish there was a way in which all of this could come together on one plate!







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One response to “MTR’s Sambhar, Saravana Bhavan’s Chutneys, and CTR’s benne masala

  1. Megha

    aaahhhh….miss CTR and Sarvana Bhawan…..need to try MTR 🙂

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