Yum Yum Tree

Yum Yum Tree (YYT) has won several accolades over the years. In 2009, Vir Sanghvi rated it as the Best Oriental Restaurant (non-five star) in Delhi.  I visited YYT in 2011 for the first time during restaurant week.  The best dishes were on offer at a steal of a price. The food was spectacular and soon we were back again for the Dimsum and Sushi Brunch, not once but twice. We sang praises of YYT to all our friends and acquaintances. For months we spoke of going to YYT, but one thing or the other always came up. Last Sunday, Mahesh, my friends S, M, their 7 month old daughter, M’s mom and I finally managed to head to YYT and had what all of us felt was a meal to remember. We opted for the Sunday Brunch which was priced at Rs 1299++ (non-alcoholic drinks) and Rs 1499++(alcoholic drinks).  The menu as you can see was elaborate.


There was Sushi, Dimsum, YYT Favourites, Grills and Salads, and Dessert. Having eaten there before, I requested the server if it would be possible for us to have Fried Corn Curd instead of some other dish and also if the Prawn Har Gao could be replaced with a Chicken Dimsum, as our friends had a seafood allergy. 

Brunch Menu

My friend S is not much of a foodie. She glanced at the menu and wondered what exactly she could eat as there were very few chicken options. At the end of the meal, she took back her words 🙂

We started with an Asparagus Tempura Sushi. The crunch asparagus and the mushy rice won all the non-sushi lovers on the table. Our friend M who loves his meat remarked that the vegetarian suhi was very good. We asked for another round of this.

Asparagus Tempura Roll

  The waiters were very attentive and also accommodated our requests for Corn Curd and a Chicken Dim-sum in place of other dishes as some within the group were allergic to shell fish.

Chicken Siu Mai

The Chicken Siu Mai was very juicy and the coating was extremely thin.

Chicken Yakitori

I found the Chicken Yakitori too chewy for my liking.

Crystal Duck Dumplings with Cherries and Hoisin

The Crystal Duck Dumplings with Cherries and Hoisin were a huge hit on the table. We all loved the sweetness of the cherries and hoisin.

Mini Mushroom bao with BBQ sauce

The Mushroom bao was also a hit. The steamed bun was very light and soft, unlike the ones I’ve had before.

Crispy Corn Curd

The first time I had the crispy corn curd, I loved it. It was shaped into tiny squares and the crisp coating to soft curd ratio was bang on. But, the ones that we had on Sunday were bigger in size and with a lot more filling. They were tasty, but not spectacular.

Rainbow Prawns

The Rainbow Prawn was my absolute favourite. It was basically rice noodles wrapped around a juicy prawn. It was so good that I had two pieces.

Boston Spider Roll with Soft Crab

The Boston Spider Roll was decent, but nothing remarkable.

Snow Peas and Water Chestnut Salad

The Snow Peas and Water Chestnut Salad was crunchy and light. We kept biting into it while waiting for more dimsums.

Spciy salmon in & our roll

I didn’t taste this. But, the ones who did liked it.

Chive and Cashew Dumpling

This bright green dumpling was interesting. We also had a Volcano Roll (crab, scallops, and salmon I think), Prawn Tempura Roll, and pan fried veg dimsums. None of them were memorable.

Barbecued Pork Spare Ribs

We were eagerly waiting for the Spare Ribs. The ribs were huge and had a sizeable amount of fat, some of which had crisped up. They were good but my only grouse was that they were a bit cold by the time they reached our table.

Green Curry, Sticky rice, fish, and pork ribs

The green curry and Cambodian Sweet and Sour Basa were very very good. We had hardly any stomach space left to do justice to them.

Bitter Chocolate Mousse

While we were each picking our option for desserts, our server said that they would serve as sampling of all desserts on offer. S and I felt that it would be a waste. However, in no time after it arrived most of it was polished off. In our defence, the serving size was small.

New York Cheesecake

The NY Cheescake was very very good and so was the Chocolate Mousse.  They also serve Creme Brulee, and four flavours of ice-cream – cappuccino, cookies and cream ( very good), coconut and jaggery (okay okay), and wasabi (ugh). 
At the end of the meal, an argument broke out between M and his mom over the meaning of “satiated”. Aunty said that despite having so much food she felt satisifed but not satiated.  M claimed that they both mean the same thing. A quick reference to The Free Dictionary resolved the matter. It defined satiated to mean “to satisfy to excess”. And that is indeed the sum of our experience. We had small bites of so many different things and yet did not feel abnormally full.



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  1. I really wanted to try this place. It’s at new frds colony, right? Now, I want a big sushi meal 😦

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