I haven’t felt inspired enough to update the blog in a long time. That doesn’t mean I haven’t done my fair share of eating or cooking. I’ve tried three types of Ambur Biryani, eaten goat head (not brain) fry, made mini chocolate croissants, and some more. The microwave at home stopped working three weeks ago. All my baking (yes, I bake in a micro with conve(i)ction) has come to a halt. I am itching to bake something. Is it time for a new micro?

Meanwhile, here’s my experience at Caperberry which is touted as one among Bangalore’s best restaurants.

We had the three course fixed menu at Caperberry as part of Times Gourmet Week over a month ago. The meal kicked off with a tangy beetroot gazpacho, freshly baked bread, and creamy basil pesto.

Beetroot Gazpacho, fresh bread, and creamy pesto

The pesto was addictive. We then had the poached chicken sou vide salad with orange and the duet of parsley crumbed calamari rings and paprika and cumin grilled chicken.

Poached chicken salad

The salad was light, crunchy, and full of flavour. The citrus of the orange segments worked wonders. The calamari rings were spectacular – it was almost like biting into butter. The cumin grilled chicken paled in view of the other two dishes. It was decent but not as yummy as the calamari.
Calamari Rings on the left and grilled chicken on the right

For mains, we had Picada Grilled Halibut and the Chicken Risotto.


I was quite let down with the Risotto. The chicken stock that must have been used to make the risotto completely overpowered the dish. I wish some parsley had been added to mask the overwhlemingly chickeny flavour of the fish.


The fish on the other hand was chunky almost meaty and went really well with the mixed beans. It was beautifully plates as well.

For dessert we had mango mousse, coconut jelly, toasted coconut, candied rose petal and churros. The mousse was gelatinous and the candied rose petals were not fragrant at all. This was quite a dissapointing dessert.

Mango mousse
The churros and the warm chocolate on the other hand were very nice.

The meal ended with a yummy little tiny raspberry tart. While on the whole I enjoyed the meal this was nowhere close to my experience at Indian Accent or Olive in New Delhi.
Petit Four : Raspberry Tart
Priced at Rs 750 per head plus taxes, this meal was definitely value for money.


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